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Cache’t Beckham
Mrs. Davis
Journal #3 This was a really good rags to riches story. It reminded me a lot about my own personal story. I am a girl who was raised by a wealthy aunt and uncle who not only grew older but also sicker together as a couple. I was forced to move back with my biological mother to East Cleveland, Ohio from Coffeeville, Mississippi at the age of twelve. It was a big transition for me not only because of the move, but also because I was just starting to begin puberty. I had moved to Mississippi at the age of 3 and my mother only came to see me 1 time in 9 years. Therefore I had a lot of issues to resolve. One thing that was very memorable to me was the writer’s work ethic. It reminded me of my self because as soon as I got to Ohio I started working as a baby sitter. I was very responsible and my client would leave me for overnight in her home with her child. They treated me like family. I remember the little girl and I had a lemonade stand because her mother wanted to teach her about making money as well. The lady that I babysat for was an excellent role model for me. She was a successful real-estate broker that had graduated from the local high school. She has never been to college but has worked very hard to obtain her assets. I watched her and asked her if she would be my mentor and she agreed. One thing I learned from this memoir is that it’s always a good idea to bring your success back to your community. Not only does