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SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform you about leadership and a plan of study
CENTRAL IDEA: In this outline/presentation, it will include information in reference to effective leadership skills and how they will be applied to a plan of study. The outline/presentation will advise you of characteristics that may be beneficial to you and your journey to success.

I. Title: Leadership and My Plan of Study

Transition: I will now move into the agenda/purpose for the presentation.

II. The Agenda – The three areas of discussion.
A. Today I will discuss what leadership is, and how it pertains to a plan of study.
B. This presentation is to simply inform you about leadership duties and how important they will be when it comes to having a successful plan of study.
C. The main ideas that will be discussed will include the roles and responsibilities of a good leader, how you can become a good leader, and how you can apply being a good leader to your own life and plan of study.

Transition: I will now move into discussing the body and main ideas of the presentation.

III. The Body – The meat and potatoes of success.
A. There are many educational goals that I am pursing. However, the most important ones are as follows: to complete my Bachelors of Technical Management by April of 2013 with a GPA of at least a 3.50. I plan to have reached my goal of having better study habits by February 2012. Along with those two goals, I plan to have improved in the area of managing my time more wisely by the end of this current semester, and if not then, no later than February 2012 as well. Another thing that I will work on will be my speaking skills. This is an area that will be worked on daily. Last but not least, I will focus on being able to say “No” more on a day to day basis, to ease the stress in my life.
B. The leader in my field of study that I have found to be interesting is Robert E. E Burke, PhD. 1. As the website says, “Burke is a Gordon A. Friesen Professor of n Healthcare Administration and the Chair of the Department of Health Services Management. 2. The website advises us that “Professor Burke is a nationally known expert in long term care, and has held senior research positions.
C. The next leader in my field of study to be discussed is Leonard H. Friedman, PhD, MPH. 1. The website tells us that Dr. Leonard H. Friedman is a Professor in the Department of Health Services Management and Leadership, and is a Director of the Master of Health Services Administration program. 2. The website also advises us that he has taught classes in healthcare management, strategic management and leadership, and organizational theory and behavior in health-care, and healthcare law and regulations.
D. When it comes to defining the characteristics of an effective leader, there are many. I will discuss the ones that I believe are the most important. 1. Listening 2. Empathy 3. Healing 4. Awareness 5. Persuasion 6. Conceptualization 7. Foresight 8. Stewardship 9. Commitment to the growth of people 10. Building Community

Transition: I will now discuss my strongest leadership qualities.

E. My Strongest Leadership Qualities
1. One of my top leadership qualities would include my strong organizational skills. I believe that having strong organizational if a must in being successful.
2. Another one of my top leadership qualities include my strong communication skills. In most professions, without being able to communicate properly, you are destined to fail.
3. Last but not least, the third strongest leadership quality that I possess is having strong analytical and technological skills.

Transition: Since I have discussed my strongest leadership qualities, I will move on to discuss my own personal strengths.

F. I have quite a few personal strengths. The ones that I hear about the most will be the ones that I discuss with you. 1. People Person 2. Dependable 3. Loyal