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Which Diaper has the Most Absorbency ?

By : Briana Willis and
Jordan Prather


The purpose of this experiment was to determine what type of diaper has the best absorbency. Generic or name brand.

We became interested in this idea when we knew families that we're expecting babies. We wanted to help them get the best diapers for their money so we tested our hypothesis.

Parents and manufactures that want the best kind of diaper for their babies may use the information gained from this experiment.


Our hypothesis is that Pampers will have better absorbency than the generic brand because it has higher ratings from satisfied customers.


The constants in this study were:

The amount of water. The time for the water to absorb. The size of diaper piece. The type of liquid. The manipulated variable was the different type of diapers tested.
The responding variable was how much liquid is absorbed by the diaper.

To measure the responding variable, measure water before and after diaper is soaked in a bowl. Subtract the remaining amount to calculate what was absorbed.


10 Disposable diapers
1 Timer
1 Measuring cup
2 Medium size bowls
1 Ruler
1 Scissors
1 Pen or pencil
10c. Water


1. Take the first diaper, and measure the central part with a ruler drawing a square 7cm by 7cm, with the pen.
2. Cut it out so you end up with a 7cm square of that diaper.
3. Take out one of the bowls, and label it with a piece of paper that has the name of the diaper that will be used in that bowl.
4. Measure 1cup = 16oz. of water with a measuring cup.
5. Pour the 1cup = 16oz. of water into the bowl.
6. Place the diaper square in the right bowl.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the generic diapers.
8. Wait 5 minutes for water to absorb into the diaper
9. Remove diaper from water but allow it to drip back into the bowl for 15 seconds. Throw the diaper piece away.
10. Pour the water from the first bowl into the measuring cup.
11. Measure the amount of water in the measuring cup.
12. Subtract the amount of water that was in the measuring cup after the diaper was thrown away (step11) from 1cup (The original amount.)
13. Record the amount of water that absorbed in the diaper.
14. Repeat steps 9-12 to the rest of the diapers.
15. Repeat test four more times.


The original purpose of this experiment was to determine what type of diaper has the best absorbency, name brand or generic brand.

The result of the experiment was that the greatest absorbency of the diapers that we tested was the generic brand, having almost twice as much of the other diaper piece that we tested.


Our hypothesis was that Pampers would have the best absorbency of the other leading brands that we tested.

The results indicate that this hypothesis should be declined (proven wrong). The generic brand truly had the best absorbency of the other brand that we tested.

Because of the results of this experiment, we wonder if generic brand would also be the driest. In other words how much moisture is "locked" inside the diaper so that it will not transfer to the outside of the diaper.

If we were to conduct this project again we would have tested more diapers and we would have sampled more of each type.



The meaning of Absorbent is "The State or Quality of Absorb." Diaper means, "A soft absorbent cloth draws up between the legs and fastened at the waist of infants too young to be toilet trained."

DISPOSABLE DIAPERS Some dye in disposable diapers can damage the nervous system, liver, and…