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Due date: Week 6 –Tuesday, 19 February, 2012
Value: 25%
Length: 3000 words (word count on your cover sheet)
Format: Structured-formal format (refer below)

Context: This is a group project. Your product can be anything that is specifically designed for your specific target market. The choice is yours. Before making your choice, make sure it can be analysed in all the sections required of the assignment.

Your group has a parent company operating in Australia (Group has freedom to choose a particular business).Your group should not be concerned with where the product is manufactured.

Aanalyse the market and make a recommendation about the marketing of the product in another the country. Analysis of country should consider following key points:


Total, growth rate, live births, birthrate
Distribution of Population: age, gender, geographical areas, immigration rates and patterns, ethnic groups

Social Institutions

Family: nuclear, extended, parental roles, marriage and courtship, female/male roles Education: primary, secondary, higher, literacy rate Political system: structure, parties, stability, tax rates, local government Legal system: judiciary, code or common, intellectual property Social organizations: groups, social classes, clubs, races, ethnicity, subcultures Business customs and practices

Living Conditions

Diet and nutrition: meat vs. vegetables, typical meals, malnutrition rates, foods etc. Housing: types available own or rent, one-family dwellings or live with other families Clothing: national dress, work clothing Recreation, sports, leisure: types available and in demand, % of income spent on Social security (pension) Health care

Present your report on the following format:
 Executive Summary
 Table of Contents
 Introduction – Company/Product Background/ Mission Statement/ Company Background
 Situation Analysis –