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Current Event Assignment
1. Skim, Scan, and Annotate
2 words:
Protective custody: a type of imprisonment (or care) to protect a prisoner (or other person) from harm, either from outside sources or other prisoners.
Schizophrenia: severe psychotic disorder characterized by psychosis.

5 questions: Why does the incident cause so much attention in U.S.? What was the motivation of the woman? Was that really necessary to give her the lethal shot? Why wasn’t the child sent back to home but to protective custody? Was this incident isolated or related to terrorism?

2. Briefly summarize the article including a main idea, the author’s argument, and vital supporting details. Use academic language.
The author’s assumption was that the audience were already familiar with what happened on Sept.15th on Capitol Hill and felt it necessary to be given more background knowledge about this woman and her motivation, also what her family and her friends’ respond to this event. The interviewee stated several facts that were questioned by many people and proceeded to provide more of what the woman had been and down before the car chase, emphasizing her treatment of schizophrenia and depression, which contradicted with the account of her neighbor, who said the woman was almost upbeat to her in recent days.

3. Write a brief personal reflection to the article addressing the primary idea of the story. Include your own point of view and reaction to what you read.
Upon the question of whether the woman deserved her death, I insist that the police officers did what they ought to. No one had any possibility to check everything out--whether there was a child or what the woman’s incentive was—policemen had to consider the worst situation, which might be a suicide-bomber was trying to smash into the capitol, and try their best to get the business down, so we can’t blame their quick mind and should even give credit to them because of the intactness of her new-born child. However, this also indicated a threat of U.S. security, since the capitol is presumably the best-protected area all around the country and incidents of any kind like this should be kept out of reach. Besides, since the woman had been long suffering from an unstable psychological statement, why didn’t the government do anything of it? Was the treatment, as the article mentioned before, of utility? How could she be allowed to go around