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A huge crowd took the streets of Caracas late Monday in a night-time rally against insecurity in Venezuela.

People of different ages attended the event featuring opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski that was held eastern Caracas.

At some point during the rally, the opposition leader addressed himself to the audience and said, "This is the country we want to build; where we all can walk without any fear."

Capriles said that in view that the Government does not lead to any change, then, it was time to change the administration. "Changing that reality will depend on each of you. This is a struggle for the future and life. I invite you to join me to fight united."

The room is filled with a sweet aroma wafting from the kitchen, but the scene is bitter. Three women sit on a bench; two of them stare and listen intently at the one sitting in the middle. She points at some parts in her body, pulls up her clothes and thereby exposes some bruises and scrapes. "He hit me here, and here. He did all this to me," she sobs. She exposes one side of her torso and then the other side. She is at a turning point in her life where she can be spared another beating, maybe the last and final one.

Venezuelan opposition umbrella group MUD said on Wednesday that demagogy and destruction of the country has been the results of the first 100 days of Nicolás Maduro leading Venezuela.

The group stated that in terms of security, "fake promises" by President Maduro