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Non-normative and Normative Sex

I. Every society tries to separate normative from non-normative sex
a. Way of controlling the sexual behavior of human beings
b. We don’t want things to threaten patriarchy
c. Used to control women
i. Why we have elaborate categories of sexual behavior
d. In some societies the boundaries are very rigid between what is normal and what is abnormal
ii. You can get stoned to death or put in jail for the abnormal ones in such societies
II. How do we decide what is normal and what is abnormal?
e. 3 ways:
iii. Statistical Method
1. Choose a statistic (80%, for example) and if that many people do it, then this is what is normal
iv. Based on ideology
2. Based on the moral values society places on something
a. For example, if the Bible says its bad to masturbate because it wastes your seed, thus it is bad and abnormal
v. Any sexual behavior which does not harm individuals physically or psychologically is normal
3. A more psychological approach
4. Very tricky
b. In different societies, different definitions of “what hurts you”
III. Why do societies do this?
f. 1. Protects reproductive sex
vi. Don’t want people to stray too much from sex for reproduction
g. 2. Patriarchal control
IV. What things tend to be considered abnormal in most societies?
h. Fetishes
vii. Basically a sexual orientation or attraction towards non-normal objects
5. Animals, specific body parts, inanimate objects, dead objects (necrophilia, necrophilic prostitutes)
viii. Culturally bizarre
ix. Most of these are male behaviors
6. Women rarely have these fetishes, one exception:
c. Pain / masochism
i. American Psychiatric Association’s definition of diff. between deviant and perverted sexual behavior
x. Deviated = Doing normal sex either with the wrong partner or in the wrong arena
7. Rape
xi. Perverted: violates accepted sexual practices
8. “Violates normal sex”
9. A violation of the common understandings that render current sexual practices plausible
10. A violation of what we agree is norm sexuality as a society
xii. Flawed performance vs. flawed sexual act
xiii. In order for something to be a fetish (or paraphilia), two conditions must be met:
11. The practice must represent a person’s exclusive source of sexual gratification
d. Basically, it has to take the place of normal sex
12. It must persist over a long term (over 6 months)
V. Thomas Aquinas in 12 century identified 4 abnormal acts:
13. Masturbation
14. Sodomy
15. Bestiality
16. Unnatural sexual positions
j. Still the same today
VI. “Deviance is a problem of control, while perversion is a problem of desire.”
VII. Paraphilias
k. Courtship Disorders
xiv. Strictly male
xv. A problem for men who want to have sex with women, but do not want to deal with women
xvi. Examples:
17. Exhibitionism
e. Walk around the streets and expose themselves
i. Do it to frighten women and for no other reason
18. Voyeurism
f. “Peeping Toms”
g. Get sexually aroused by watching women without actually having to deal with the woman
19. Frotteurism
h. Not common in United States
i. Men touching women in public places where they don’t have to actually interact with the woman
j. Rubbing against the woman but pretending…