Coaching Is For The Improvement Of Employee Performance

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Coaching 101
Marion Simmons
Rasmussen College

Author Note This paper is being submitted on May1 2, 2015, for Carlissa Crawford Intro Human Resource Management course.

Coaching an employee is for the improvement of employee performance. Coaching requires a day to day interaction between supervisor and employee. Coaching could be to congratulate employee or to help them correct something that they need improvement on. Coaching are not to bring the correct way of doing things. “One of the goals of coaching is to develop capabilities for the employee to solve problems and make decisions. This is done by asking the right questions, challenging the employee's thinking, offering new options, supplying additional information that expands employee's understanding or providing a new interpretation to a situation. Coaching empowers the employee to be part of the decision making process” (Johnson, Alyce).

With my discussion coaching team the organization will be simple I would have supervisors that observed employees. My supervisors will be my eyes and my ears, and I will have high expectations of all staff employees. The coaching will not only be when employees mess up but when they are exceeding expectations. Coaching will be not only to coach them but to teach them things they may not have known.

Coaching will be once a week or feel the need to coach individuals. But at least once a week I will have different things to share about the job. I will have supervisor do