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Master's Prepared Nurse Interview
The interview is conducted with a Mater’s prepared nurse name L.M .She is holding a position as a nurse manager of an ICU unit where I am working. The purpose of the interview is to prove how a nurse with advanced education in nursing can effectively train to hold a higher role in the field of nursing practice, teaching or management. The current accomplishment gave the person many open doors for development and professional growth. Aside from knowing that she is qualified to hold her position and impressed how she advanced her career and how she value her advanced learning to attain her goal.
Overview of Career
L.M initiated her profession as a Diploma nurse after graduating from TMM hospital, India in 1990. After immigrated to America, she obtained nursing assistant license to meet her living while education transcripts being evaluated and waiting for approval by state board of nursing. The nursing assistant post gave her opportunity to meet with patients and able to learn culture and how to work with multinational individuals. L.M synchronized care of residents with nurses in regards to physical needs give opportunity to learn while preparing for NCLEX exam. After obtaining the approval, she passed the NCLEX exam and started working as medical/surgical nurse in a public hospital. She has to face lot of challenges or difficulties in the work environment. Due to public health system is challenged by taking care of homeless, drug and alcohol withdrawal, non English speaking, and confused patients with limited staff. After working for about four years, she found a job as a Telemetry nurse in a private hospital. The unit is very busy, yet gave many opportunities to learn clinically. The nursing supervisor had a conversation about advancing her education. The nursing supervisor encouraged her many times and offer help as a mentor. She decided to continue her education. She earned her BSN through on site program offered by LIU. After obtaining her undergraduate degree she determined to move to ICU in the same hospital and gained experience as an ICU nurse for 5 years. In ICU she worked as a preceptor, charge nurse and as a mentor to her fellow workers and new nurses. The talent, caring and patience nature is recognized many times by patient families and fellow staf. She worked as a RRT team leader for one year. She also works part time as a clinical educator for an associate nursing program. She shares her experience to student nurses and motivates them to be successful in work environment and to move forward in the field of education.
From 2007- 2011, she was promoted as an assistant nurse manager for the unit. From 2014 she is upgraded as nurse manager for ICU. She continues to work with staff and patients and always extend a helping hand when needed.
Graduate Education
At the progression of the interview, I observe the reason L.M wanted to be a nurse and the reason for her continued her education. While she was about twelve years old, she was hospitalized for appendectomy. The nurse with white dress is helping with her pain; giving her bath and assisting with feeding inspire her. Her parents wanted her to be a teacher initially, but they agreed for her wish. With the nursing career, she inspired to do both caring and teaching. L.M completed her MSN in nursing administration through LIU onsite program. The education equipped a BSN nurse to choose to hold a managerial post for a critical care area and to be a clinical educator. The curriculum, evidence based practice, critical thinking and leadership development helped to increase her knowledge and skills. ( Master of Science in Nursing, 2013). The nursing education including advanced education materials, clinical experience and method jointly helped to hold a successful leadership role. ( Master of Science in Nursing, 2013). The curriculum focuses on professional development, assessment and evaluation, faculty and administrative