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Unit 5- Assignment
Taking Responsibility-First Values Shape Hiring Decisions at Zappos
Annalina Rivers
MT203: Human Resource Management
August 6, 2015

Zappos is an online retail company that offers the biggest selection of fashionable shoes with that said their procedures to hire qualified candidates has to meet their ideas. Zappos share their values, their success and inspire their candidates. They make sure those they hire are suitable for the job and when hiring Zappos does everything by the book. Zappos goal is to maintain a dynamic, fulfilling company and the employees would delight their customers. When hiring they makes sure the candidates share the company’s values such has having great customer service and create a fun environment to work in. Using their method will look for qualified candidates, one that is familiar with the company and is sociable. The right candidate would represent the company and is able to perform at the highest level expected of them.

The following are values that Zappos require in their employee:

Deliver a WOW through service
Embrace and drive change
Build open and honesty
Create fun and a little weirdness
Be adventurous, open-minded and creativity
Pursue and have eagerness to learn and grow
Be positive and family spirit
Do more with less
Be passionate and have determination
Be humble.

The policy is a great fit because the company will keep their values and their own traditional work ethic in place. Zappos seem to have it under control they know what they want out of an employee and they are set on looking for that type of person. First impression is always the biggest and the only down fall I see is that some candidates may be scared to relax during the interview. Zappos want to see someone who is social and fun, unfortunately some may be to reserve in fear that they are doing too much. Sometimes their professionalism can