Mt435 Unit 8 Assignment Essay

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Cheryl L. Jones
MT435 Unit eight
Kaplan University
19 November 2012

Question one
Challenge one: Material Purchasing, Albatross Anchor has small storage that are located away from the production area requiring smaller amounts of material to be order due to lack of storage. Increasing storage will allow for larger amount of raw materials to be kept on hand and reduce the cost associated with order multiple smaller batches of raw materials.

Challenge two: Inventory/Shipping: Shipping and receiving are sharing facilities due to one railroad spur being available. The company is having problems producing enough products for the customers. This lack of production cause large quantities of finished materials to be stored
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2. Automation could be used to control conveyors to move products from one point in the plant to another reducing the amount of product that is moved by forklift.
3. Technology updates could be used to bring certain parts of the plant up to code and safety standards.
4. Automation and technology have a place in any plant that is doing assembly the foundry could be automated to minimize the amount of personnel that are required to be around the molten steel which is a huge safety hazard. 5. Technology updates can track the status of incoming and outgoing orders to allow better updates to the customer.
6. Technology must be incorporated into the renovations of the plant to allow better tracking of resources and completed products to timely get the shipments out to the consumer.

(01) Gannt chart
(02) Explanation of the Gannt Chart: The Gannt chart is a bar chart that shows a job’s progress graphically or compare actual against planned performance.

Albatross Anchors is a small family owned business that has the potential of becoming a more profitable and effective manufacturing company. It is important for this company to take into consideration the value and importance of having an effective operational plant. The company need to work on overall updating to more moderate technology, re organizing their floor plan, and meeting US safety and environmental standards. Albatross Anchor need to think about building a larger warehouse in order to