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An outline of the Health and Safety policies and procedures of your placement.
The Health and safety policies and procedures is a legal requirement that to help to protect children and adult in the setting. The settings have to comply with the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage. In EYFS (section 3) the following contains the aspect of the children in all early years setting: safeguarding, suitable people, suitable premises and equipment, organisation and documentation. Health and safety at work Act 1974 is to protect all place of work in Great British. The provider has responsibility for the health and safety of the children, parents, staff and visitors. However, everyone who works for them also has responsibility for the health and safety of the people who is there.
In my placement, we believe that the health and safety of children is key priority. We make the setting a safe and healthy place for children and adult. We aim to make children, parents and staff aware of health issue and to minimise the hazards and risks to enable the children to thrive in a health and safe environment.
The Manager displays the health and safety poster, public liability insurance and the certificate in the foyer. Children are aware of health and safety issues through discussions, planned activities and routines.
All floor surfaces are checked daily to ensure they are clean and not uneven, wet or damaged to avoid slips.
Electric sockets, wire and leads are properly guarded and the children are taught not to touch them. All resources and materials are stacked in storage room and lock the storage room’s door all the time.
Outdoor area is securely fenced. It should be checked for safety and cleaned of any rubbish before it is used. During all outdoor activities are supervised children at all times.
The children encourage learning about personal hygiene such as wash their hand after toilet and before eating, shielding their mouse when coughing……etc.
We have a daily cleaning routine which includes play rooms, kitchen and toilets and a schedule for cleaning resources, equipment and dressing-up clothes. We also need to cleaning tables between activities, cleaning toilets regularly, wearing protective clothing such as aprons and disposable gloves and providing sets of clean clothes and tissues and wipes.
We need to check equipment and resources before purchase or loan, to ensure that they are safe for the ages and stages of the children currently attending in setting. All equipment is regularly checked for cleanliness and safety and any dangerous or faulty items are discarded. All materials, including paint and glue, are non-toxic.
Fire exit are clearly marked, always clean and easily opened from inside. We carry out a fire-drill once a half-term. The manager kept the records of fire-drill.
If an accident occurs write down in accident book. No matter how small the injury is. We need to explain to parents and with a double signature from staff and end of the day by parents.
The policy in the setting is a procedures and guidance to be follow by the all staff, to keep everyone in the setting health and safety. This guidance is important because it is to keep everyone safe.

An identification of the lines of responsibility and reporting for health and safety in your placement
In my placement my responsibilities is to ensure/support the environment is safe for children and adult to be in; from following the health and safety policy and procedure therefore the everyone is safe at all times in the setting but if any accidents occurs I have to immediately report the incident to my manager.