Mu2.8 Contribute to the Support of the Positive Environments for Children and Young People Essay

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MU2.8 Contribute to the support of the positive environments for children and young people
3.1 Explain how to effectively care for children and young people’s skin, hair and teeth
In every setting it is essential that children’s learning curriculum for personal care covers their skin, hair, teeth and overall personal hygiene.
When teaching about skin, children and young people should be encouraged to wash their hands after using the toilet or before eating. We should also encourage them to wash themselves in the morning and before bed. Encouraging children to wash their faces (having individual flannels) is a good way to enforce this. We must point out to them the importance of the water temperature so they know the difference between
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If a child is unwell, they may rest for a lot of the day.
However the amount of rest or quiet time a child has during the day, and depending on the requests from parents, it is important that the child has routine. Careers soon get to know when the child is tired and as the child gets older, they come to know their routine and it is important that as careers, we stick to it. Children feel settled and more secure when they know their routine and when changes are made it may disrupt them.

3.4 Describe the importance for physical and mental well-being of balancing period of physical activity with rest and quiet time

It is important that we as careers balance rest and play as developing and practicing their physical skills will help them in their overall development. We should ensure that the setting is well equipped to give a wide variety of experiences in a safe environment.
Equipment should be provided for both indoor and outdoor play. Soft play areas are good for to develop their ‘gross motor skills’.
Some smaller settings may have to divide an area off for their physical play and rest area. Whilst other larger settings may be equipped with outdoor play areas such as climbing equipment, football pitches or an obstacle course.
Getting the balance right is essential as children who are well rested will benefit more from the physical