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It can be argued that Beatrice and Benedick are by far the most interesting couple compare to Claudio and Hero. This is because they really seem to enjoy arguing whenever they can and throw insults at each other.

Beatrice calls Benedick the ‘prince’s fool’. She is trying to belittle him and Benedick says that he cannot ‘endure my lady’s tongue’. He is saying that he cannot handle her sharp tongue that runs fast and hurts his feelings. Beatrice and Benedick have unusual relationship throughout the play, particularly as deception plays a major role in brining the pair together and differentiates them from any other couples.

Beatrice begins a witty insult, and the audience realized that she is deceiving herself about the nature of her true feelings towards Benedick.
Beatrice with merciless remark says, “I wonder that you will still be talking, Signior Benedick’’: nobody marks you’. The audience might have felt that Beatrice will manipulate Benedick under her control. It can be argued that, it is quite strange for women at Messina period to have the courage and confidence to talk to men in this manner.

Benedick is just as much wit as Beatrice because Benedick says. ‘’ What, my dear Lady Disdain, are you yet living?’’ He is teasing her about her age and the fact that she is notorious for her scornful character. The insult gets worse as they continued their conversation. Benedick says he is ‘’ loved off all ladies, only you excepted’’ and now Beatrice comes back with harsh remark. She says that I would rather ‘’ hear my dog bark at a crow than hear a man swear he loves me’’. The language here is used is profound in meaning and humourous at sametime. It can be argued that the audience are enjoying the insults and acknowledge insight into their characters and believe that they will stay unattached. Yet the audience can see their similarities and realizes how perfect they would be together compare to Caludio and Hero. Where as Hero and Claudio are obedient and in a way boaring because they are a typical messinaian couple which makes them the same as everyone else which is not appealing to audience as much.

Shakespeare uses physical deception in order to bring Benedick and Beatrice closer together because Benedick really want to know what Beatrice’s thinks of him when he is masked. She knows that behind the mask is Benedick so she says ‘ He is the prince’s jester, a very dull fool’. Benedick feels hurt and indignation, which clearly reveals his true feeling for Beatrice. Later in her conversation with Don pedro, Beatrice gives a hint of a reason as to why there is such animosity between her and Benedick. She implies that they had former dealings, ‘’he leant it me a while, so this professes he had feelings for her. By this point in the play, the audience and the other character have realized that Benedick and Beatrice are perfect for each other.

Hero's view of love is also quite simple. She accepts what her father wants and is ready to marry Claudio without knowing him. Even the proposal to marry does not come directly from Claudio. In private, she might have more to say about love, but in public Hero stays silent a lot of the time.
Claudio and Hero's views of love are very different to Beatrice and Benedick. At the start, the latter both laugh at the idea of love and are determined not to marry. Gradually, though, they both start to show genuine concern and interest in each other.
When they do fall in love, they are ready for any sacrifice. Benedick deserts his best friends to protect the honour of Beatrice's cousin, for instance. However, even when they are ready to marry, they still poke fun at romance, and each other.

Messina’s society at that time was ruled by men. This is because they made the decisions and had the power. Women have to do what they are told, just like Hero. She is silent and passive. Even at the end of the play she does not show her feelings or make decisions.

Hero and Claudio’s relationship is