Essay on Much Ado about Nothing

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27 March, 2012
Reading Reflection #4 In act four we see Much Ado About Nothing reach its climax point. We have gotten to the moment where everyone is anxiously waiting for Hero and Claudio to get married. In this scene there are a couple of characters that I am not so happy. I do not like the way that they respond to the series of events that are presented in the play. First let’s start with Claudio before he left to go to war with Don Pedro he says that he has had some feelings for Hero. Then when he comes back he claims to be madly in love with her. He keeps going on and on how it is love at first sight and he will never meet another person like her. But when he accuses her of being with someone else that professed love is gone. He leaves her at the altar just when the friar is about to marry them. He does not let for one second Hero a chance to explain herself. Like all of a sudden the love he had for her is gone or something. This makes me wonder if he really loves her or was just infatuated by her beauty. I am also disappointed in Leonato, how dare he side with the men. When he hears of the accusations that are frowned upon his daughter he is disappointed in her. If Leonato was my father I would be disappointed in him. I know that back then the word of a man would have much weight than that of women but if my father would not believe me I would be mad at him. I would probably not want to talk to him. He was her father he was supposed to defend her and be