Much Ado About Nothing Deception Analysis

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Much Ado About Nothing
For those who don’t know whose deception is the biggest betrayal in Much Ado About Nothing, a play whose main theme is deception and lies, this is the character who plays a big role in deceiving others. One article by the U.S. Political Campaign, “Lies, Lies, Lies” talks about three major categories of lies: lies to protect others, lies in the interest of the liar, and lies to cause harm. Although people may say that Don Pedro and Claudio’s deception is the biggest betrayal in Much Ado About Nothing, the deceiver, Don John has the biggest betrayal in the story. One deception in the story was in the scene in the masquerade. In that scene, Claudio gets deceived by Don John, when Don John tells Claudio that Don Pedro,
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One reason why Don John decides to ruin the wedding day is because he wanted to get revenge on Claudio who, as Don Pedro’s close friend, devised some tactics to prevent the overthrow against Don Pedro. Another reason why Don John wanted to ruin Claudio’s special day was because Don Pedro and Claudio are close, so by hurting Claudio, he also hurts Don Pedro. Under the category of lies to cause harm, this lie is unacceptable because deceived many and was a gave the false impression that Hero has lost her virginity. Don John’s lie not only caused Don Pedro and Claudio to tell a lie, but also made other problems for others. Hitler is another famous liar who lied to cause harm. When the Germans lost in World War I, Hitler blamed the Jews as a reason why they lost the war when it was none of the Jews’ faults. Abusing his power, Hitler killed the Jews. As a result, he gained more power from the Nazis and Germans. Both Hitler’s and Don John’s lies are unacceptable because it causes harm to others and was a chance for their personal gain.
Throughout Much Ado About Nothing, Don John’s deception is the biggest betrayal. This is because his deceptions not only cause harm to one person, but to many characters in the story. Don John’s lies risked Hero’s future and broke people’s hearts. His deceptions are the biggest betrayal in this