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Clayton Novotney
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Posted on: June 21st 2010
Unhealthy School Lunches Not Making The Grade
Short Summary: The food that is being fed to children at school is not meeting the standards that they should be. The daily meals that are in cafeteria lunches consist of extremely processed foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt. These terrible lunches have been a major factor in the childhood obesity epidemic that has been very apparent all over the country. Schools all over the country are suffering from feeding their children terrible food, and not including healthy alternatives, some solutions are as simple as having a bowl of fruit in the lunch cafeteria lines so children can get necessary natural vitamins/nutrients while they are waiting in line.

Editorial: It has come to my attention that the meals that children all over the country are being fed by their school are atrocious! I was having dinner with my child and he was talking about how there is literally a layer of grease on the pizza at school that you have to wipe it off with a napkin before even thinking about eating it. Upon him telling me this, he also explained how disgusting and unhealthy everything at school is. Therefore I decided to take a trip to a few schools in my area to investigate how bad this problem really was. As I arrived to a few schools and walked into the cafeteria,