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"World renown Muhammad Ali is known for his many championship titles in boxing along with his professional record of 56-5-0. While in the ring, he would always follow his motto “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” (“Muhammad Ali” 1). Muhammad Ali was motivated to fight by a police officer one day and he had no idea that that decision to begin fighting would dramatically change his future. Through determination Muhammad Ali became a world famous boxer and changed how the sport is played today. After his retirement he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which led him to want to help other people with that disease and proceed with other humanitarian work.

Being a world famous boxer, Muhammad Ali influenced many children with his unique fighting styles and how others now perceived the sport. Students of boxing would look back at his fights and notice that he “brought beauty and grace to the most uncompromising of sports” (Knauer 29). People getting into the sport of boxing look up to him as a role model trying to mimic his styles and copying his capability to “sway back” (Knauer 27), which was “a tactic that appalled to experts.” He mastered a skill that was very hard to do and put his own little spin on it. According to Kelly Knauer, he also was known for his extraordinary excess of skill and character (29). Muhammad Ali didn’t just leave behind his styles but it was his character that helped him become what he is today.

Throughout Muhammad Ali’s whole life he helped people in need around his home community and all around the world. He “directly and positively affected the lives of people’s communities across the globe” (Walter 1). Muhammad has provided over “232 million meals to the worlds hungry” (“The Legend…” 1). He made it a life goal to give back to the community and to champion the issues in the developing world. During the Vietnam War, Muhammad went to visit the soldiers that were disabled to fight and also went to Cuba to personally give them some medical supplies. (“Muhammad Ali” American History 3). He is very motivated to help those in need and is maintaining his life long goal to “maintain peace” (“Muhammad Ali” American History 3). With all of his donations he has received from his community work around the world he opened a Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky. Its main goal is to continue promoting “peace, social responsibility, respect and personal growth” (“Muhammad Ali” American History 3).

Once his career came to an end Muhammad was diagnosed with a disease called Parkinson’s. According to “Muhammad Ali” by Newsmakers, this is common in boxers and some of the effects it has on the body includes slowness of movement, and problems with balancing