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Sheik Muhammad Musa:

1. Prophet Muhammad as a husband + Misconceptions

- Equality and justices between his wives - Why did prophet Muhammad (PBUH) get married to more than 4 wives? (9 in total) - The prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) was married at the age of 25 to Khadijah for 26 year. 15 years before Islam and 11 after Islam. That is the prime of prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). - Is it after 53 that he started to get married to more than one or 2 wives. - Getting married to 11 wives in prophet Muhammad’s time was the norm of his time. Some people got married to 30-50 wives. Women had no problem with that experience because it was the norm of that society. We cannot compare our time today to the experiences and rules and regulations of older times because everything is different. - When Islam was proclaimed, the Islamic legislations only permitted the marriage of 4 wives. - When this rule of Allah was brought down, lots of the companions of the prophet divorced if they had more than 4 wives. - Some may say so what happens to those women who were divorced? Another important point was the fact that getting marriage at that time was different and much easier than in our society today. - So why did the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t divorce his other 7 wives to be equal to 4 wives? Because no one can marry a prophets wives. - Another point is an ayah (Surah Al-Ahzab) was brought down ordering the prophet not to divorce any of his wives and not get married to anymore. Was this exception for the prophet or his wives? Obviously his wives. Because if the prophet were to divorce any of his wives than they will be left to no future husband because no one can marry the prophet’s wives. If after the prophets death one were to ask to marry a prophets wife, than he will be sentenced to death. - So it is obvious that prophet Muhammad was not married to 11 wives for the sake of pleasure. - All the tribes were looking to get the prophet married to their women. - The prophet was not amused or tempted by beauty regardless of how beautiful the girl was. (As per the story of the prophet getting married to a beautiful girl). (Bint Al-Majoon)

2. How did the prophet treat his wives?

- The prophet always forgot and forgave the small mistakes that his prophets did. But when they committed a big mistake he will take it seriously. - Once Aisha RAA was so jealous that she made a comment about Khadijah and said: She was only an old lady and Allah has replaced her with better. The prophet got very angry at Aisha’s harsh comment. She asked the prophet for Allah to forgive her after realizing her careless jealous mistake and Allah and his prophet forgave her. - The prophet Muhammad was very fair with all his wives; he treated them all equally and loved them all in a different yet equal way. The prophet’s story with when he gave his wives the dinar and told them to keep it a secret. When they agreed to group up and ask the prophet about who amongst them was his favorite. The prophet than said my favorite wife is the one I gave the dinar. In this case it was all his wives, so all of them were satisfied and happy because they never knew the prophet gave them all a dinar.

3. The prophet Muhammad as a father - After praying Isha, he would always go to his daughter Fatima and her family. - Ruqaya the prophets daughter did not want Othman her husband to fight in the battle of Badr. The prophet ordered him to stay fear of his daughter and her emotions. - When the prophet Married sayida sawda he stated that he didn’t only want a wife but also a mother to raise his children. - When Fatima approached the prophet he would get up kiss his hand and offer to make her sit in her spot. He also kept his secrets with her as a loving father would. - When he prayed and while in Sujood his kids were to play on his back, he would not get up until his