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For him, it is better to envision a “quite different practice” (393), one based on “not the rediscovery but the production of identityIn the Jahilia plotline, Ayesha is also the name of a fifteen-year-old prostitute. She calls herself this after Mahound's youngest and most beautiful wife.
Mirza Saeed Akhtar is a zamindar, or landowner, in the village of Titlipur. He wrestles with desire for Ayesha, whom he and his wife Mishal adopted as a girl. When Ayesha leads the pilgrimage to the sea, he does not believe that she is a prophet, but nevertheless comes along to protect his wife. Bibiji A local saint in the village of Titlipur. Osman A clown, and one of Ayesha's suitors. He follows her on the pilgrimage, but eventually loses his faith in her. Mishal Akhtar is Mirza Saeed’s wife. She wants to conceive a child, but is hampered by the fact that she and her husband have long since lost their sexual passion for each other. When she is diagnosed with breast cancer, Ayesha promises that she will be cured if the entire village completes a pilgrimage to the Arabian Sea. She becomes one of Ayesha's most devoted followers. Mrs. Qureishi Mishal Akhtar’s mother, who accompanies her on the pilgrimage. Mr. Qureishi Mishal Akhtar’s father, and the director of the state bank. He lives in the city, but briefly appears to try to convince Mishal to leave the pilgrimage. Sri Srinivas A toy merchant in one of Titlipur’s neighboring villages. Although he is a Hindu, he joins the pilgrimage. Hind Sufyan Muhammad Sufyan’s wife, not to be confused with Abu Simbel’s wife in the Jahilia plot. Hind Sufyan is very religious, so she becomes suspicious when Saladin appeals to her family for help after becoming a demon. Mishal Sufyan Muhammad and Hind Sufyan’s seventeen-year-old daughter, who is having an affair with the lawyer Hanif Johnson. Anahita is Muhammad and Hind Sufyan’s fifteen-year-old daughter. She is foul-mouthed and rebellious. Billy Battuta Mimi Mamoulian’s Pakistani boyfriend. He hosts a travel show, but also makes money as a scam artist.
Hal Valance The producer of The Aliens Show, on which Saladin acted before the plane crash. Baby Hal Valance’s young wife. Sisodia S.S. Sisodia is a stuttering producer of Bollywood films, and a manipulative presence in Gibreel's life. Hanif Johnson A well-to-do lawyer and prospective candidate for Prime Minister; he has an affair with Mishal Sufyan. Pinkwalla A deejay at the Hot Wax nightclub in London. He is friends with Mishal Sufyan and Hanif Johnson. Otto Cone Alleluia’s Polish father. He survived a concentration camp during World War Two, an experience that dramatically affected Alleluia’s childhood.
Alicja Cone Alleluia's mother, who begs her to leave Gibreel. After her husband Otto's death, she remarries and moves to Stanford, California. Elena Alleluia’s older sister. She was a model, and died of a drug overdose. Jack Brunel An animator, and one of Otto Cone’s friends who has an unrequited crush on Alleluia. Orphia Phillips A ticket vendor who interacts with Gibreel after his transformation to angel. She is Hyacinth Phillips's sister. Uriah Mosely Orphia Phillips's co-worker