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Dear Father and Mother,
What am I? What I think I am, that’s what I believe I am. But I may be wrong. My life and the journey I’m going through right now is full of such strange things. These are not things that can be defined. Society and our culture has separated us into groups, male/female. I am a three-dimensional being. I feel, I do and love life more than I can bring myself to. I am no longer your “daughter”, now a young warrior for our country.
As young as I am, I can’t be perfect. We all know that I’m clumsy and irresponsible but yet able to accomplish self-driven goals. I am now a warrior for our country. I know within my journey I will feel pain. I know I’m not going to be able to submerge through a roller coaster of emotions as I used to. I will have to change. I promise to be strong, courageous, and confident. I’m going to stiffen up, get a backbone, dust off the pain and surely move on. I feel as if being a male in this situation I involved myself in, would give me the utmost power. I’m going to be on top of the world, making decisions without second guessing myself.
Father and Mother, If I were a young man, I would show respect for the women in our society. I promise that I would respect them, hoping the others will see that WE mean something. I will let them not that women like to feel valued, cared, and treasured. I would most certainly provide for those needs to be met. I’m worried.. I’m worried I won’t understand men and learn how to act like them. I have to get an open channel of communication building on a strong foundation of trust. I’m hoping i’d be listened to. I’m hoping at least one of my companion would be that good listener, who understands when no one else does. I’m hoping they respond to me in a non-condescending manner. I ‘m hoping they would also be there for me during the difficult moments in battle. I hope they’re not ashamed or embarrassed to compliment my triumphs and tragedies . I hope they let me in and learn to appreciate me for what I’m able to bring to our warrior family.
As a young warrior, I’d have the opportunity to show that I’m the exception. I wouldn’t fall into the category, “All warriors are the same.” We all not that I am not the same. Father and Mother.. I’m worried. I wish you guys were here to help me!
Don’t worry about me. I’m still going to have strong religious convictions putting HU first in my life. Mother, you’re going to be extremely proud knowing that you raised a young religious, caring warrior. Father, your going to be happy to see I have become your spitting image. I will be the warrior who leads my family/ troops by example. I would be the solid rock, the fortress. I’d be the warrior that gives my troops the confidence that everything will be all right even when our world is crashing in. I wouldn’t hesitate to place my country before me. Perhaps I might be called a hero, but placing my country first is going to be a priority to me.
I’m truly blessed for all the opportunity that I have. I can truly appreciate the person I am feeling inside. Father and Mother, don’t get me wrong I love being a young Chinese woman. I would never wish to be a guy but now that I am a male warrior, my life isn’t any different. Perhaps, my interests and views have change; but the person within wouldn’t I am who I am.. I am your daughter Mulan! 
 I will miss you.

Mulan Critical Essay In my opinion, the mulan tale is one fascinating tale. She gave woman the voice they had lacked during her time. She did not fall in the typical stereotype we woman are categorized in, as being “weak.” Mulan, not only gave woman a voice, but she too was a great daughter. She was not only sacrificing her life for herself but her her father as well. I honestly admire her bravery, courageousness, and love she had for her parents, especially her father. The use of a letter, in my opinion, was the best and ideal way to get my point across. I felt that the letter was perfect, in