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MAW. Task 1. Explain the importance and impact of poverty on outcomes and life chances for children and young people. CYP 3.7 1.2.

Poverty is not being able to achieve because of social and economic factors. There are two forms of poverty relative and absolute. Relative poverty is usually found in developed countries and it is relative to the expectations of society. Absolute poverty is in essence having nothing and the result being death.
Poverty has a huge impact on the life chances and outcomes for children and young people. The family circumstances such as the income of parents can often determine a child’s prospects, health and educational achievement. Income and circumstances can influence where a child lives, type of housing and housing conditions. This is all relative to what the parents can afford. A child’s health can be affected by poverty as diet may not be very good as good quality food may not be affordable this in turn effects the health of the child as it is vital that children get a good nutritious diet to enable them to thrive. Mental wellbeing can also be affected by poverty children and young people may be more susceptible to mental illness such as depression and anxiety due to poverty, the lack of life chances and ability to have things that more affluent children have. Poor housing conditions will also effect health both physically and mentally. Damp and cramped conditions can cause illness. Families in poverty are less able to access leisure facilities due to the cost of the activity and the cost of transport etc. This will also affect the child in many ways as they are unable to access facilities that other children can. They are unable to take part, they aren’t getting the opportunities to be physically active and enjoy and achieve.
Government statistics show that families living in poverty have a higher child mortality and accident rates. Also from my own professional experience I have found that poverty greatly affects outcomes for children and young people as there safety is affected, health both physical and mental. Their ability to enjoy and achieve is compromised by poverty, often children and young people are less likely to do well at school. Poor educational achievement then effects their employment prospects thus they are unable to achieve economic wellbeing and stability. Self-expectations