Multicultural Competency Paper Due 102212

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Nicole Christopher
Multicultural Competency
Dr. Tracy Mallett
October 22, 2012

Multicultural Competency
In this paper I will explain myself on how I feel of the different issues of perceptions, attitudes, biases, and beliefs of culturally different groups to consist of other parts of my responses to knowledge about values, practices, and experiences of individuals who are culturally different from me. As well as explain my strengths and weaknesses in interacting with the different cultures and address the short comings.
The biases, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs that I might hold about culturally different groups are several different things. One perception that I could have is just by the way one looks, and what they are wearing because it is a part of their culture but any individual person might look at it and think that individual is weird. The way that an attitude might come in is because say if an individual had a bad understanding with an individual of a certain culture, they might not want to be around a person of that culture because of that bad understanding that they had with that one individual. As in mu workplace I have had a bad understanding with other cultures but it does not bother me to the fullest. A belief could be the way that a certain person is brought up and if their beliefs are because of the way that they were brought up are to be either bias or even discriminatory. I don’t judge anyone person for their beliefs and the way they were brought up. Spontaneous biases and attitudes may also lead to a misunderstanding as standard conduct in one situation may not automatically be agreed or respected in another or even agreed in another culture.
My attitude and perception may most definitely impact the way that I act toward people who are culturally diverse from me. With that being said it takes a lot in me to hard back when someone disrespect the things that happen in the workplace and in my personal life. A lot of attitudes come from some of the same cultures and it is caused for the different actions that happen in the workplace or personal life.
The values, practices, and experiences of the individuals who are culturally different from myself are lessons that still being learned. In my workplace it is very diverse and some cultures have different values, practices and experiences. In my personal life dealing with other cultures is not sometime that I have experience but in the workplace it has being a great experience. I get a chance to talk to different individuals from other cultures and the things that go on in their lives. I can say that all cultures are not the same in the workplace and personal life. The different practices of the cultures are still being learned in the workplace. The values in the workplace and personal life of the different cultures helps to develop a stronger intelligence of what is most important to me in life.