Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet Essay

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University of Phoenix Material
Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet
Part I: Select and identify six groups in the left-hand column. Complete the matrix.
Part II: Write a summary.
Part III: Format references consistent with APA guidelines.

Part I: Matrix | What is the group’s history in the United States? | What is the group’s population in the United States? | What are some attitudes and customs people of this group may practice? | What is something you admire about this group’s people, lifestyle, or society? | 1. | Native Americans (American Indians)As the name suggests, these were the first people (natives) who lived in North America, Alaska and Hawaii. After Europeans settled in the U.S., native
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| Arab American families tend to have very close relationships. Extended families usually live near each other, spend a lot of time together and are intimately involved in each other’s lives. | 6. | Jewish AmericansOver 40% of the world’s Jewish population lives in the U.S.By 1776 and the War of Independence, around 2,000 Jews lived in America, most of them Sephardic Jews of Spanish and Portuguese origin. During the American Civil War, approximately 3,000 Jews (out of around 150,000 Jews in the United States) fought on the Confederate side and 7,000 fought on the Union side. By 1924, two million Jews had arrived from Eastern Europe.Jews were highly visible as leaders of movements for civil rights for all Americans. | 1790 – 1,5001890 – 400,0001950 – 5,000,0002010 – 5,275,000 | Jews are patriarchal, home oriented, pious, and devoted to study, particularly the Bible, Talmud and other Jewish texts. Jewish culture retains the linkage to the land of origin, the people named for the Kingdom of Judah, study of Jewish texts, practice of community charity, and Jewish history. Jewish styles of cooking are all influenced by the need for food to be kosher.Jews are different from other ethnic groups by educational and economic achievements and, by virtue of Jewish values, including a devotion to political liberalism. | Jewish family incomes are the highest of any large ethnic group in the US. Jewish people has