Essay on Multiculturalism: Discrimination and Different Culture Groups

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1. What is multiculturalism?

Multiculturalism is the ability or opportunity to represent your own culture within the broader community. Canada is multicultural country because it supports and encourages different culture groups to represent their own culture. For example, there are cultural festivals across Canada including MOTIF in Moose Jaw and MOSAIC in Regina.

2. What is racism?
Racism is discrimination or prejudice based on a belief that one race is better than the other. In Canada there Human Rights legislation designed to protect people from racism. Even so, sometimes it is harder, for example, for certain races to rent an apartment or to find a job.
3. What is discrimination?
Discrimination is the treatment or consideration of a person based on their race or class rather than individual characteristics. For example, people may treat you differently if your skin is a different color of if you are poor or uneducated.
4. What is prejudice?
Prejudice is treating someone based on pre-conceived ideas (often negative) without knowledge of the facts. For example, if a person believes that a certain race or group is lazy or dishonest or incompetent, that person treats everyone in that group according to this belief.
5. What is stereotyping?
Stereotyping is an oversimplified idea of what or who someone is, based on gender, race, education, economic status, or other. Stereotyping can also be applied to categories other than people. For example, people might