Multiculturalism: Drug Addiction and Certain Drugs Essay

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Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Drugs and alcohol are not something that you want to get involved with. You may think it will make you look "cool," the long terms effects of the drugs and alcohol will put a severe strain on you not only physically but mentally as well. It will cause you to become severely dependent on them, cause diseases like cancer, it will cause strained relationships, cost you tons of money, and cause bad decision making. When you start doing drugs and alcohol you never think about the consequences of your decision. You may think, "Oh, it's just one drink," but in reality you know it isn't going to be just one. Ten drinks later you're drunk. Soon after you might get severely addicted due to the fact that you love the feeling. Once you hit that point you feel the urge that you must have it. Some may not care that they're addicted but when you are, that not only puts a huge strain on your life, but also it puts others at risk.

1 Not only does drugs and alcohol cause you to waste away your life but it also can cause disease. Some include: Non-cardiac Pulmonary Edema which is caused by Cocaine and Heroine, Cocaine-Induced Heart Disease, Alcoholic Hepatitis, Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy, Cancer, and Liver Disease. "Non-cardiac pulmonary edema is a condition caused by excess fluid in the lungs, from fluid leaking from the capillaries in the lung air sacs." (Meredith Wood.) "Alcohol causes heart muscle cells to die, and the weakened heart is then unable to pump a sufficient amount of blood to the rest of the body. Damage results to multiple tissues and organ systems due to the lack of blood supply from the heart." (Meredith Wood.)

2 Next, drugs and alcohol can also cause strained relationships. When you are drunk you are not fully conscious of what you are doing. You could hurt the loved ones and not even know it, due to the fact that you chose to get drunk. Or worse, you could be driving with your new born child and get in a car crash and end up hurting the family and yourself because of drunk driving. CNS depression and impaired motor coordination along with poor judgement increases the likelihood of accidental injury occurring. It is estimated that about one third of alcohol-related deaths are due to accidents (32%), and another 14% are from intentional injury."

3 Drugs and alcohol will eat up a lot your hard earned money. Alcohol that you buy at the store can range anywhere from between $3-$15 dollars depending on what brand, where you buy it, and what state you're in. A six pack of Bud Light can run you about $8.50 a pack. Heavy alcoholics can finish that in about a day or two, in a month that will cost you about $127 before tax! All so you can get drunk and waste a lot of your life so you can have a "good time." Certain drugs like Cocaine can cost you anywhere between $50-$70 for a gram. That's not including how good of quality or who you're getting it from, so prices can vary. If you use that about twice a week that'd cost you $100 at cheapest!

4 Becoming a drug addict and an alcoholic is a really bad way to live your life. Truthfully, you should be ashamed with yourself. It'll ruin who you are as a person and result in a bad reputation. Whenever you're old and feeble and you look back at your life you'll realize how much of it was wasted getting drunk or getting high; it'll make you regret your decisions whenever you find out that you have no interesting stories to tell