Multiculturalism in the United States Essay example

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Multiculturalism in the United States The side in opposition to multiculturalism firmly believes that it weakens America by keeping immigrants from adequately assimilating to the core values of America’s Anglo Protestant identity. This side believes that multiculturalism weakens the “social bond” of the United States by denying that immigrants need to assimilate to the language and values of the country’s dominant culture. The rise of non-English speaking communities is seen as a detrimental factor in the goal of achieving unity in American culture. Opponents state that immigrants coming to the United States must always lose their previous culture from their country of origin, to be able to completely assimilate to and fully embrace …show more content…
Such skills are especially useful in a career where a person with such knowledge is able to effectively respond to the needs of all types of consumers. Proponents argue that the current “white supremacist” identity of the United States is based on a false sense of moral superiority and favor in the eyes of God. They believe that this identity is based on racism, genocide, and imperial expansion. Therefore, they argue that the traditional Anglo-American identity should be replaced with one that embraces multiculturalism and includes positive cultural aspects from various cultures. They believe that by revising the identity of the United States and admitting the nation’s wrongful actions and negative aspects throughout history, we can come closer to achieving a more fair and democratic country. A major area on which proponents and opponents of multiculturalism disagree is their view of Anglo-Protestant values of the United States. One side believes that those values are completely positive, where the other side believes they are totally negative. It is necessary to recognize that just like any other culture, the United States has a history mixed with both positive and negative experiences. Some American values may be viewed as possessing greater value and practicality for U.S. citizens, but we can also learn many positive aspects of other