Multifaceted Intersectionality: Social Injustice

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Intersectionality definition
Intersectionality is described by Kimberle Crenshaw as the crossroads where multiple social injustices issues such as Racism, Sexism, Classism, etc meet. Furthermore, Crenshaw explains that each issue represents a road that can overlap causing a more complex definition of what a social injustice can include. Thus, when specific issues such as Race and Sexism meet, they develop a simultaneous impact that describes a more complex thread of a social injustice taking place. An example would be how Racism can intersect with Sexism when a Spanish woman is not hired for a manager’s position based on the fact that she is both female and a woman of color. Subsequently, Intersectionality focuses on acknowledging the multifaceted
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It also allows people fighting against social injustices, such as social workers, to build a stronger framework in their argument by demonstrating the numerous layers of how social injustices occur. Intersectionality encourages an inclusive manner in finding ways to transform issues that are in conjunction with one another. Furthermore, as multiple social injustices coincide, they develop various explanations of how social injustices occur, to whom they affect, and to what degree a transformation can be made to eradicate the injustice taking place.
Social work implications on intersectionality with Racism, Sexim, and
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An example would be a social worker encouraging a white male to pursue being a Nurse despite the career being dominated by females, who are believed to be the more of the nurturing gender. By doing so, the social worker is broadening the structure of roles the white male can follow by seeking a career that is not socially biased based on his gender. In addition to his gender, the social worker is demonstrating that race does not determine the field one can pursue even though it is expected for a white male to be in a field such as the business or corporate