Multimedia Studio Methodology

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Multimedia Studio Methodology

We collaborate with the client to explore project goals, business objectives, target audience, competition, existing corporate guidelines, brand and schedule requirements. After grasping project success criteria, we document a project plan with a task-based timeline and allocate a team with required skills and expertise.


Team Allocation

Detailed project schedule covering project tasks, milestones, and time for each activity.

Allocate required skills from different practice areas based on the project plan.

Competitive Analysis

User Profiles, Scenarios and Task Flows

Information Architecture

Wire Frames

Comprehensive competitive analysis to identify industry best practices, trends, competition brands and messaging strategies.

Focus groups, interviews, contextual enquiry and shadowing to gather detailed user information and requirements to create detailed user profiles, segments and scenarios.

Visual representation of project structure, content strategy and functionality blueprint in form of a concept map.

Schematic non-design representation of all unique components and composition of content and functionality, their organization, flow, hierarchy and relations defined to the last level.

Design Exploration

Directive Application

Design Document

Design teams explore various creative directives as per project requirements, addressing look and feel, branding and other functional and transactional aspects.

Iterative one-on-one tests; expert reviews and fine tuning are conducted.
Final directive is short-listed based on the outcome and applied.

Complete reference detailing asset requirements (graphics, text, navigation elements, functional elements, etc.), usage guidelines and behavior descriptions for the entire project. Acquire and Develop Assets

Technical Development


Development and acquisition of all assets; text, graphics, video, audio, documents, forms, etc. Production and population of all the compositions based on design document and wire frames.

Development of technical components for the functional and transactional parts of a project.

Integrate all project assets - graphics, text, navigation elements, documents, technical and transactional elements, etc, and functionality to work as a unified whole.

We review all assets, behavior and functionality.
Based on feedback from the usability and quality assurance team, the project is fine-tuned and migrated to a live environment, checked and launched after final approval.


Task-Based Timeline

Document the project objectives, scope, requirements, functionality, target audience, their needs and business goals.

We acquire and develop all assets, functionality and transactional components for a project and integrate them based on project plan, information architecture and design document.
Continuous client feedback and approval is sought through the process.


Project Plan

Identify target audience, competition, and success criteria. Understand brand and current strategies.

We explore multiple design directives to convey aesthetics, brand and interface design for a project. Based on iterative usability tests and fine tuning, the final directive’s detailed design document is created, covering asset requirements, usage guidelines and