Multimodal Learning Style Essay

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My VARK learning style is Multimodal and it relates to how I learn best. Compared to Visual and Kinesthetic learning styles I believe that I use all in combination together. Utilizing Multimodal I prefer to read on the subject prior to utilizing other modes such as Kinesthetic or Visual. I often take the context specific approach in everyday uses, as I prefer read up on the subject prior to utilizing any other learning styles. During my usual avocation often I prefer to read Standing Operating Procedures, Technical Manuals and System Operating guides prior to actually putting hands on. In the second group of Multimodal is the Whole Sense Approach, which I use to make every day decisions. Daily I use this approach when informing coworkers of specific task that needs to be done. I am a very strong believer that if you want to get a task done correctly it needs to make sense. While utilizing this approach I will often return to the Context to verify the procedures are followed ensuring successful completion of each task. I often will return to Visual and Kinesthetic preferences to ensure that I completely understand the learning process. While dealing with coworkers on the job, I often analyze and examine things from many perspectives to ensure correctness of procedures. One of my approaches to learning is that I treat as if I was to be inspected on that task the next day. I somewhat beat myself up as I would also say make it inspect able the first time.

The relationship of Multimodal to Kinesthetic is that it can include hands on approaches, exhibits, lectures and examples, which is used to take in the information. As being retired military and having to teach subordinates I often would take know subject and break it down to their level of experience which would make it easier learnable for the student. I often would put the subject into real events that occurred, and also use plenty of examples to assist them with their learning experience. A lot of the time the material being studied was not relevant to the subject or was a bit boring for the soldiers or students. I would always talk them through needed notes and explain why. Being mindful of practical uses is a way to keep the student interested.

The relationship of Multimodal compared to Visual is that visual includes presenters who…