What Is Warren Buffett Saying About A Global Person

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Multiple choices
Chapter 1

1) What is Warren Buffett saying about a global person? Only when the tide goes out do you find out who is not wearing a bathing suit. (Pg10)
A person with an economical thinking
A person without boundaries
A person with high knowledge about the world

2) What does culture mean?

A distinctly human means of adapting to circumstances and transmitting this coping skill and knowledge to subsequent generations. (Pg11)
A specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects:
State of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money.

3) Which are the four dimensions of cultural patterns for Michael H. Bond:

-Human-heartedness, moral discipline, work dimension and elaboration
-Human-heartedness, moral discipline, work dimension and integration (Pg23)
Hard working, moral discipline, work dimension and elaboration
Human-heartedness, hard working, integration and focus on

4) Which percent of how many nations have people ethnically or racially homogenous?

10 % of 191 Nations (Pg27)
10% of 190 Nations
1% of 191 Nations
11% of 191 Nations

5) How the government attempts to control the ideology?

Using textbooks (pg2)
Using the military system
Using political control
With advertising

True or False
Chapter 1

1) Terrorism, global warming, global economy are the three major issues that the world may be facing in this century.
True (Pg9)

2) Food and feeding habits are one of the 10 categories from understanding about macro and micro culture knowledge that we should have to become a international persona.
True (Pg12)

3) Tradition is one of the key cultures:
True (Pg16)

4) The first step in managing cultural differences effectively is increasing one´s general cultural awareness.
True (Pg25)

5) Vertical identities is a term to defined the traits between employee and employer
False (Pg3)

Multiple choices
Chapter 2

1) For do a business in a different country where you don’t speak the language you should bring an interpreter:

No matter nationality just has to know the language
From your own business that they can speak the language
Professional interpreters from the same country where you want do the business (Pg31)
All are correct

2) No verbal expression doesn’t includes:

Voice tone
Voice message (Pg39)
Facial expression

3) In a communication, witch one from those examples doesn’t participate in the circular process of interaction:

Religion (Pg39)

4) A Polychromic people:

Can´t do many things at once
Do one thing at time
Committed to the job
Plans may change easily (Pg49)

5) One of those is a fast messaging:

Email (pg47)

True or False
Chapter 2

1) People are unaware when misunderstandings occur or “errors” are committed while working with persons from different countries.
True (Pg37)

2) In a low-context culture employs are indirect
False (Pg44)

3) The same signal has the same meaning in all the different cultures.
False (Pg49)

4) Asian physical centering about orientation is collectivistic
True (Pg59)

5) The three universal principles are: mental, emotional and logical
False (Pg57)

Multiple choices
Chapter 3

1) Correct assumptions facilities:
Communication (Pg76)

2) Basic concept of the negotiation process in framework applied to German negotiators are:
Direct, explicit
Direct, explicit, analytical, logical (Pg83)
Explicit, analytical, logical

3) Decision making system in a Russian framework applied negotiators are:
Very hierarchical (Pg84)
Top down

4) In the Arab world, who has the most important role for resolving conflicts? :
Mediator (Pg90)
Family supporter / householder
Company director

5) What…