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Exam questions wrong
22) Anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) mainly acts on the:
A) renal pelvis
B) efferent arteriole
C) collecting duct
D) ureter
E) urethra

23) Micturition occurs when:
A) internal urethral sphincter relaxes and the detrusor muscle relaxes
B) internal urethral sphincter relaxes and the detrusor muscle contracts
C) internal urethral sphincter contracts and the detrusor muscle relaxes
D) internal urethral sphincter contracts and the detrusor muscle contracts
E) both C and D

12) The part of the brain responsible for relaying information to and from the cerebrum is the:
A) hypothalamus
B) pons
C) cerebellum
D) thalamus
E) occipital lobe

13) The volume of air in a normal breath is called:
A) total lung capacity
B) vital capacity
C) tidal volume
D) functional residual capacity
E) residual volume

15) The primary chemical stimulus for breathing is the concentration of:
A) carbon monoxide in the blood
B) oxygen concentration of the blood
C) hydrogen ion and carbon dioxide concentration of the blood
D) carbonic acid concentration in the blood
E) none of the above

16) The structure which closes of the larynx is:
A) glottis
B) Adam’s apple
C) epiglottis
D) tongue
E) vocal cords

7) which organ synthesizes lipase?
A) liver
B) pancreas
C) gallbladder
D) small intestine
E) large intestine

8) two key functions of the large intestine are:
A) absorption of protein
B) storage of faeces
C) absorption of water
D) A and B
E) B and C

4) One of the actions of the hormone CCK is to:
A) raise blood glucose levels
B) relax the pancreas
C) contract the pancreas
D) relax the gallbladder
E) contract the gallbladder

PAPER 2 The main function of the enzyme lipase is:

DNA digestion RNA digestion carbohydrate digestion fat digestion protein digestion

In most of the gastrointestinal tract, the arrangement of muscle fibres in the muscular layer are......

Longitudinal and transverse Transverse and circular Transverse and oblique Circular and longitudinal

Warfarin is often used to treat patients who have problems with their .............?

fibrinolytic system coagulation system cardiovascular system respiratory system endocrine system The gaps in the myelin sheath which covers the axons of many nerves are called;

dendrites synapses nodes of ranvier axon hillocks The volume of air in a normal breath is called:

total lung capacity vital capacity tidal volume functional residual capacity residual volume

Which pair of autosomal chromosomes is shortest in length? 1 2 20 21 22 Gas exchange in the lungs occurs by the process of:

osmosis diffusion exocytosis active transport filtration

Glomerular capillary pressure is typically around:

0.97mmHg (0.1kPa 7.3mmHg (0.9kPa) 55mmHg (7.3kPa) 97mmHg (12.9kPa 413mmHg (55kPa) Filtration takes place in the ...?

Proximal convoluted tubule Distal convoluted tubule Glomerulus Afferent arteriole Efferent arteriole
6. Which of the following is not part of the brain stem?
a) Midbrain
b) Pons
c) Cerebellum
d) Medulla

10. Which of these statements is/are true:
a) it normally requires lots of effort to inflate the lungs
b) the external intercostal muscles may be used in forced expiration
c) the diaphragm is not involved in ventilation
d) the elastic recoil of the lungs is very important in expiration
e) Inspiration is a passive process

11.Which of the following are compatible transfusions with respect to the ABO