Essay on Mumbai and Adolescent Teenage Boy

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The passion and love for the little people was probably why fate introduced me to this world of education.

Motivated by owning lots of money I took up studying about money, finance and investments. The city that homed me, educated me and raised me is called Mumbai today. I can best describe the city of Mumbai by comparing it to the generalized idea of a young adolescent teenage boy. He is driven by a light in his soul but he is still uncouth, filthy and a fighter. Unless saved by something miraculous, they both have a long path filled with unpleasant experiences before they achieve the ideological expectations.

My family did well for themselves. A reliable source of income, a beautiful educational home and a homely school, holiday trips once a year, one weekly restaurant outing, a variety of friends and a lovely family support system. This is how most children were brought up in the time where well-doing families were abundant. However, humble when you see them from the distant eyes of the world. It’s only because it doesn’t fit in their idea of a well-doing family if they have to share a room and sleep without a bed. As society, of people sharing common space we are dysfunctional, biased, and have corrupt thinking patterns. We had clean homes but throw waste out of windows of these clean cars and homes. We spoke of unity and friendship but wouldn’t tie the knot with a person from a different religious background. We cared about collecting money but shy away from paying the taxes. The government lacked basic moral values and needed governing themselves. A LOST cause and an undefined destiny that doesn’t have a purpose. But we have something special. When you are from a humble background from a big growing city you don’t share the same tastes as the posh and the elite of the world do. This money-splurging world is beyond