Murder and Duct Tape Essay

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Casey Anthony did not commit first degree murder. The evidence does not prove that she committed first degree murder, rather it proved that she committed negligent homicide. The prosecution was able to provide a means and opportunity to Casey Anthony, but the prosecution was not able to give a motive as to why Casey Anthony would purposely murder her own child. Means, opportunity, and motive are all required in order to find someone guilty of first degree murder. The evidence such as the duct tape on the remains and the fact that the body was buried in the middle of the woods, which through DNA testing was proven to be the body of Caylee Anthony shows that homicide was committed, this evidence does not specifically prove that Caylee Anthony was a victim of first degree murder, this evidence can also support the claim that Casey Anthony committed negligent homicide rather than first degree murder. Evidence even shows that there was traces of chloroform in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s still does not provide the proof that Casey Anthony purposely killed her child, the chloroform could have been used to keep the child quiet. At most the chloroform proves terrible parenting, but it cannot prove that Casey Anthony had intended on killing her child. Also the people who testified in court did not have anything bad to say about Casey Anthony as a mother. All of the people who testified said that Casey Anthony loved her child, no one who testified had any doubts about Casey Anthony’s…