Murder and Exciting Enjoyable Book Essay

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READING JOURNAL: Postcard Killers I. TITLE/AUTHOR: Postcard Killers by James Patterson


III. SUMMARY: In Europe a couple from America was murdered while vacationing. The young woman’s father Jacob Kanon is a New York City police investigator that travels to Europe to hunt down the murderers. While other couples in France, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden have been killed and evidence points that the same is about to happen. Kanon joins with Scandinavian journalist Dessie Larsson to find the murderers.

IV. EVAULUATION/ANALYSIS: I thought that the novel was an excellent read in that it was suspenseful and a page turner. I enjoyed the novel because of its fast paced and exciting nature. I would recommend the novel to anyone who likes novels set in foreign areas, or suspenseful situations that keep you wanting more. There is nothing I would have changed because the novel satisfies all the needs I need in an exciting enjoyable book for myself.
One reason I really enjoyed the book was because Patterson throws a couple plot twists into the story. Also the characters are very strong, and the exciting story the book illustrates. However as much as I enjoyed the novel the anticipation it built up over the course of the story was greater than the ending which I found to be not as captivating as it should have been. Due to the twisted nature of the book there were times where I was hesitant to turn the page because of how gruesome the murders were in the book.
The character that stood out the most to me was Jacob Kanon because his daughter was killed by the postcard killers and would stop at nothing to find them. Although Kanon is not the most sympathetic in the story he stood out although he was a jerk to the Swedish police, or bathed he stood out because not only does he lose his daughter but he feels guilty about it. Due to him buying the ticket for her and her boyfriend’s vacation to Europe. To me that determination and will is something else because he traveled across the world just to find his daughter’s killers.

V. QUOTES: “Then she thrust the stiletto into the man’s left jugular vein. She cut quickly through muscle and ligaments until she heard a soft hiss that told her that his windpipe had been cut.” (Patterson, 12).
This quote drew my attention because of how she killed her victim silently and quickly.

“I love being on honeymoon with you”…