Essay Murder and Good Omen

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1. In the first two lines, Lady Macbeth is feeling quite daring and audacious as in the opening two lines of the scene, Lady Macbeth describes how she has been overwhelmed by passion. She is drunk with the power she has given herself and possibly the power she has over Macbeth in making him carry out her deeds. In the line ‘quench’d them’, she is referring to the drugging Duncan’s guards in comparison to the way that has ‘given me fire’. The ‘fire’ is symbolic of the emotion she is feeling.
2. At this moment she thinks she hears something and says, "Hark! Peace! / It was the owl that shriek'd, the fatal bellman, / Which gives the stern'st good-night. He is about it" (2.2.2-4). A lot happens in these few words. When she says "Hark!" she's telling herself to listen, and then when she says "Peace!" she's telling herself to be quiet, so that she can hear what she's listening for. After she listens, she decides that she heard a screech owl, and she takes that as a good omen, because the screech owl is nature's own "fatal bellman." A "fatal bellman" is a night watchman who rings a bell at the door of a prisoner scheduled for execution in the morning, and an owl does the same job in nature, because--according to folklore--the screech of a screech owl foretells the death of a person. Therefore, Lady Macbeth believes that because she has just heard the owl's screech, her husband must be "about it," doing the murder at this very moment.

3. Macbeth has done what Lady Macbeth was unable to do in murdering Duncan so this could represent a weakness in Lady Macbeth and how her power is false because she cannot actually commit the action she wishes. Lady Macbeth cannot murder Duncan because he ‘resembled my father as he slept’.
4. Lady Macbeth’s short replies could suggest she does not care about the trauma Macbeth is feeling and the content on her speeches are very