Murder: Prison and Murder Essay

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Murder is the one of serious problem with every country. The rate of murder is increasing in Vietnam and Australia where the government need to find the way to reduce the murder rate. There are many reasons of murder in Vietnam and Australia. These include a lack of money, lack of love, poverty, background family, unemployment. However, there are quite different about law of murder in Vietnam and Australia. This investigation will focus on the causes of murder and o will compare the laws, trends, recidivism rates of murder in Australia and my country Vietnam.

1.1: Causes

There are a number for causes of murder. Firstly, lack of money is the biggest cause of murder. For example, in Vietnam has so many young people are addicted game online, they come to internet coffee everyday without parents permission, every time they run out of money, they will try to get money in anyway. The first thing they will try to do is trying to steal their parent money, if unsuccessful, they will come to some empty area to find some couples are talking and they will threats, if the victim won’t do anything, they will just take money, motorbike, if some couple try to against them and call for help, they will kill them to escape. In Australia, more serious than Vietnam by the way they rob such as bank robbery, for example, a group with 5 peoples, they want to have a lots of money without working, they will mark some bank and make a plan to rob. If they fail and the police come, they will catch some people to be their hostage, and some emergency, they could kill the hostage to escape Another cause is poverty, in the world, still has a lot of people are poverty, they are unemployment, they have no money, they live under the bridge, they live in the dirtiest places. Some people satisfy with their life, but some people they will get into crime to make a lot of money such as murder or robbery. For example, some people have poor family, but they are lazy, never try to get a job and just go around every day, use their parent’s money. Whenever they run out of money, they will kill people to have money, even that is member of their family.
1.2: Laws

There are quite different about the laws between Vietnam and Australia. In Australia, in the past and current laws have the same about penalty. The murder carries a maximum of life imprisonment and normally is twenty to thirty year. In the jail, they will have some job to work every day, and if they are hardworking and know that they did bad thing, maybe they can get leniency from government and get freedom earlier. In Vietnam, the highest penalty is death penalty when the offenders kill many people or even kill one people but brutally murder. If the victims are still alive, court will verify the disability rate and sentenced around fifteen to twenty, or even life imprisonment. For example, the victims got 20% of disability rate forever, so offenders will get at least fifteen years in jail.(Cuong, 2009)

1.3: Trends

Trends in murder between Australia and Vietnam vary. In Vietnam, the murder rates are very high but have remained stable in recent years. In Australia…….. Figures show the number of murders in Australia from 1993 to 2007 in Australia.

[pic] • The number of murder victims fluctuated slightly from 1993 to 2007, whereas manslaughter remained relatively stable. • The number of murder victims peaked in 1999, at 344; the number of manslaughter victims peaked in 2002, at 48. • The 253 murder and 29 manslaughter victims recorded in 2007 were the lowest annual number yet recorded • JOIN THIS INFO INTO SENTENCES.

About the trends of murder, in Australia, the government is doing very well to