Research Paper On Migration

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We have been learning about migration and we have been assigned to interview a teacher at our school to learn about their migration experience.

We were grouped into two’s and we had to come up with questions to ask the teacher. After that we were assigned to a teacher. Once we knew which teacher we had to write a letter to invite her to the conference room to ask her our questions. Once we got the answers on the computer that was recording us after the interview, we watched the video of us interviewing the teacher on the computer to write the answers that the teacher gave us.

Mrs Hamilton said she moved from New Zealand to other countries like Africa, England, Scotland and now to Dubai, because for a more interesting life and to experience more of the world. She also wanted her children to see what is going on in the rest of the world.

It was planned Mrs Hamilton was to go to China for a job, however that job did not work out and it was out of her hands she was assigned to Dubai which turned out to be a good job and a place to live and work for the whole family.

There were few things that were difficult for Mrs Hamilton when she moved to Dubai. For instance, she would get lost while driving and when she called for someone to come and fix something in the house they would come but they would end up leaving without fixing anything.

Even though Mrs Hamilton and her family enjoy their lives in Dubai, they do still miss things they experienced in other