Murray State College - The Home Team Essay

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The Home Team Murray State University
Darlene Davis
May 13, 2013
Leslie Ann Dunn
University of Phoenix Murray State University
Murray State University is located in a small town named Murray, Kentucky and is very much known for the sport of basketball and the school has been there since1922. The skills and level of basketball that these college students produce on the court has made their name known on the map. The history of winnings that Murray State has accomplished is shown in their gym hanging on several banners for all to see. The town is in the middle of nowhere and there is really not very much to do in Murray. It’s a very quiet but deserted town, which has very few stores and shopping options for anyone that comes to visit. Murray State Basketball game day is one of the major happenings in this small town. The fans and people of Murray support the college basketball on a very high level. It’s the main event and on game day the majority of the town is there, but on the outside of the gym on game day the city is like a real ghost town. All of the establishments and businesses around are putting out the college colors everywhere, which are blue and gold to show their support on this day. There are three popular restaurants that people go to in Murray to eat named: The I-Burger, Hungry Bear Pancake House and Martha’s Restaurant. These restaurants on game day have their business decked out with blue and gold and have their signs out that say, ”Go Racers” or “Good Luck Racers” showing their support for Murray State Basketball. Wherever you go in Murray, Kentucky the main talk in this town is about basketball and the history they have held. The people here are very honored at the accomplishments and success that the students have made at Murray State, so on game day they all wear their best suits and tell everyone to “gear up”! Basketball here in Murray is all they know and love, the people here put their hearts into the game because it’s the towns’ identity and basketball is what put Murray on the map. The people are more like family to each other here in Murray because one supporter, Mrs. Susan Sutter has the names of all the players on her refrigerator with their favorite cake by each name. Now that’s what you call support and love, plus interest that she has for the players at Murray State. Also, we all know that every team has a share of wins and losses, but on a losing night at Murray State you see just as much support as if they had won. They have a strong bond and the will power to stay focused in there. The kids at the middle schools in Murray, Kentucky are so excited about the college basketball team, until they try to stay connected with the players by twittering with them over the internet just to see how they are doing. The players all say they make sure they respond and keep them uplifted and give them encouragement to do well