Muscle and Gluteus Maximus Muscle Essay

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Chapter 9 Terms

Abduction – moving a body part away from the midline
Analgesic – over the counter aspirin and nonaspirin drugs used to suppress inflammation and decrese pain
Biceps brachii muscle – bends the upper arm toward the shoulder
Chiropractor – Doctors of chiropractic (D.C), diagnose and treat patients with injuries incolcing the bones, muscles and nerves by manipulating the alignment of the vertebral column.
Dermatomyositis – A skin rash as well as muscle weakness and inflammation, caused my injury or strain to a muscle.
Dupuytrens contracture – Progessive disease in which the fascia of the palm of the hand becomes thickened and shortened causing a contracture and flexion deformity of the fingers.
Fascia – Thin connective tissue sheet around each muscle or groups of muscles that merge into and becomes part of a tendon.
Fibromyalgia – Pain located at specific, small trigger points alinfs the neck, back, and hips. The trigger point are very tender to the touch and feel firm. Cause by injury or trauma.
Ganglionectomy – Surgical procedure to remove a ganglion from a tendon.
Gluteus maximus muscle – Muscle in the buttocks that moves the upper legg posteriorly (extension) and rotates it laterally.
Latissimus dorsi muscle – Muscle of the back that moces the arm posteriorly, and medially toward the spinal column.
Musculoskeletal – The bones provide support for the muscles, and the muscles enable the bones to move.
Myasthenia gravis – Abnormal rapid fatigue of the muscles, particularly ecident in the muscles of the face, there is ptosis of the eyelids. Symptoms worsen during the day and can be relived by rest. The body produces antibodies against its own acetlcholyne receptors located on muscle fibers. The antibodies destroy many of the receptors. There are normal…