Muscle Contraction and Contacting Muscle Essay

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Unit 1 M1/D1
Ben cope

Functions of the muscular system


This is a muscles that shortens to create movement it is also known as the ‘prime mover’.
This is the muscle that is responsible for the movement taking place the contacting muscle.

When doing a bicep curl the bicep is the agonist this creates flexion of the elbow


This is the muscle that relaxes when the agonist is contacting if it didn’t relax we wouldn’t be able to move and this acts as a braking control over the movement.

Is the triceps when doing a bicep curl which is flexion of the elbow


Synergists are muscles that work together so that the agonist works more efficiently. They work with agonist so that we can move in a controlled way by alternating the direction of pull on the agonists to the most adventurous position Example-

When performing a bicep curls the synergist are brachialis and the brachioradialis.


These stop any movement that is unwanted throughout the body by fixing or stabilising the joint or joints involved. They stabilises the origin so that the agonist can achieve maximum and effective contraction.


The scapulohumeral muscles for the bicep curl

Muscle contractions


During isometric contraction the length of muscle stays the same and the joint angle does not alter the muscle is actively engaged in holding a static position

For example when doing a squat the isometric muscle is the quadriceps.


This occurs when your muscles shortens against a resistance. Concentric contractions are sometimes known as the positive phase of muscle contraction.