Muscle: Writing and Reader Essay

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John Sobel
Ms. ShaffnerHistory as a writer
Throughout middle and high school I always hated writing, only because I didn’t know many ways of saying different things and how to really explain what I wanted to say in detail. Whenever someone had to read the paper that I wrote, it would always be out of order and not clearly make sense. Once I was a senior in high school, my English teacher showed me many ways to really explain in detail what I wanted to write about, also giving the reader my perspective if they were in my shoes, and always to keep the reader interested and to want to read more.
As writer, the only things that will motivate me into writing more is something that I’m really interested in and have a lot information about, so it is easy and fun to write about. I like to write about things that happen in my life because I will be able to describe and show the reader what is happening in detail, not just telling the reader what happened. Some troubles that I have with writing are that I’m always rambling and need to organize me work more. Another thing that I struggle with is when I have to write a story, because I’m not very good with using extreme detail and giving object’s descriptions that really shows and lets the reader actually see what’s happening in the story.
In this class I hope to learn new ways to fully explain what I want to show and tell the reader. I want to be more confident in my writing, and not always depending on someone to…