Museum Experience Essay

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Jessica Araujo

Museum Experience

One of the coolest things about this museum is the landscape artwork. From the white intertwining tree trunk looking sculpture, to the huge marble ball outside the doors of the FIU Frost Art Museum it blew my mind. Since I am not used to a University setting, I forgot how schools take pride in their landscape. The real journey starts inside. The minute the walk in you are exposed to a lot of light and greeted by a nice lady in the front. I preceded upstairs to the East wing where I came across a room full of color. All around me there was art Asian. Sculptures all around me, full of color and life. I am a very simple person so when I came across the painting Form’s Transgressions by Agustín Fernández’ I quickly pictured it in my room. Agustín Fernández’, born in La Havana, Cuba , but was painting in Europe. As I was standing in front of this canvas I felt a sense of peace. Something so simple can just have a calming effect. Before I read the title I thought to my self “What could this be?” When I read the title my mind wandering into 20 million directions. I was wondering what that object could be , can it be something defiant ? So what I thought the painting represented was the battle between something or a person. The person behind the police or authorities ( the black dots) was trying to hard to over come their presence. And I related this a lot to my want to break from certain things in my life, so I guess this correlation with myself brought me closer to this painting. The one paint I wasn’t too found of was located on the third floor. As I starred at this dark painting, it looked like a sad duck but you couldn’t really tell because the outline of the duck wasn’t very visible. Maybe it wasn’t a duck but to me it seemed like a very poor, sad lonely duck looking which looked to me as a representation of someone. Paul Pritzer the artist of the painting named Estonian was just too sad and the combination of duck and man didn’t excite me what so ever. I was left wondering what could have made him/her so sad was it because “it” it self was atrocious? One of the exhibitions that caught my eyes was From Africa to the Americas. This Exhibition included painting from African and Cuban collections. You see through out these paintings the birth of tradition of the Yoruba religion and the Catholics in Cuba. The purpose of these exhibition to show the journey from Africa all the way to American. To show all the changes and new cultures that were