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Keiki’s Music Hale Music is all around us and I am sure that we all have had our experiences; music is fun, entertaining, exciting, inspiring, education, it provides a relaxing environment, it gives and fosters a creative atmosphere, associates with happiness, produce emotions, and gives hope. There are a lot more of descriptions to be associated with music and it would require a whole different paper, but let’s not stray away from our main and big idea, “a music room for our future generation, our children”. Can you picture it already? I can and it is more then I can imagine, but I bet our kids will take it to a whole different level with their exploring, discovering, imagining, and full of dreams little head.
Hawaii’s Children’s Discovery Center provides a world class, interactive, participatory learning environment designed to inspire the young and young at heart to new heights of learning and discovery. They create an environment where it encourages children to use their senses of touch, sight, hearing, and smell to gain a better understanding of the world around. They also help children develop positive self-concept and an understanding of others in Hawaii’s multicultural community, and offer them a window to the world beyond our island shores. Most importantly, show our kids that dreams can indeed come true. With all being said and done in this educational center, one thing is missing which I believe requires drum roles…. Dun da dun dadunnnnn….. MUSIC HALE! This hale’s purpose and goal is to educate kids about music in the same way that the Children’s Discovery Center of Hawaii does. Exploring, discovering, imagining and creating dreams that in the future help kids make it come to life. We were all once children and I believe that when we discovered something new and different, we will forever treasure and remember every bit of detail. Well, that is the goal of this hale, have kids explore by interacting with musical instruments using their senses; touch, feel, see, hear and taste what music is. Discover the different type of music and how it plays a huge role in our life. Imagining themselves as musicians, conductors, artists and be inspired by role models that makes a different in this world. Last but not the least; dream big by enjoying it in a way that they will never forget in hope that they will one day bring it to life. Of course there is music all around us and we hear it every day of our life, from when we were in our mother’s womb to the day we are born, and all the different stages of our life, for children, it would be a grand story to walk into a room where it is filled with music and fun. Music can play a huge role in one’s life and why not introduce it to our children when they are still young and free-minded. This Music Hale for kids is to entertain our keikis that are between the age of 5 and 12. Creating this room bombarded with music, I have decided to section this room into six entertaining and yet educational, fun, and also playful for the kids that will be fortunate enough to visit Hawaii’s Children’s Discovery Center. In our case, it will be part of 1st floor of the center which is the called “The Town”. The Town is a combination of all sorts of career that a kid can be when they grow up. When you walk in to this town, we have a bus (description of the 1st floor of the center) ………
When I visited the Hawaii’s Children’s Discovery Center, it was an exciting day for me and my two nieces. Their reaction towards the center was unimaginable and it was great for me to experience firsthand what kids are actually capable of when they are being introduced to things that we as adult considers only necessary towards us, that our kids are too young it is not important for them to know yet. One of my nieces is madly in love with Nicki Minaj, I know, a bit x-rated because she is only 6 but please let me explain. She loves her due to two little girls on Ellen Dengenre’s