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I am writing about this attractive painting that was painted by Rachel McClung-Beer and is known as “In Transit” . This artwork is present in NLC Gallery and painted using Gouache. This painting was really appealing and touched my heart since it made me feel it is trying to say something to me. It looks like Rachel poured all her feelings into this painting. I think that the painting is trying to address us that the lady in red who is waiting at the transit has been lonely her entire life and is waiting for the one and only person that she loves and would accept her. When I was looking at the painting, the painter used the line is such a way that it would reflect the shape of the woman who is the main character of the painting. It also tries to reflect other structure around her. The shape of the artwork informs us that the different organic shapes and even some geometric shapes have been used. The painter has used organic shape to paint the main character’s figures and shapes and she has also used geometric shape to reflect the other structures around her like tables and luggage bags. The use of light in this painting can be seen as the shadow of the lady is seen behind her and also there are some shadows of the structure in the painting. In this painting the color that are used are red, yellow, black, green, light blue but among this red is the one that is used the most. So from this we can say that the painter has used mostly primary color and some of the secondary color. The painter has used mostly the normal hue and some colors are tint and shade. The painter has limited the space of the painting by concentrating more on the main character which is the lady and also by some boundaries like table. The principle of design which the painter has used to express this painting in Symmetrical Balance. The painter has drawn an imaginary line in the center and has focused all the gravity on the center character the lady in red. The…