Review Of The Faculty Recital Concert

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On October 2nd, 2014 at 7 p.m. I went to the Clayton performing Arts center to watch the Faculty Recital Concert. This concert was one of the best that ones that I have attended at Pellissippi State Community College. This concert was well put together and the people that preformed in it were amazing. The whole concert went smooth and well and the people that attended the concert seemed entertained and looked happy after the concert, or at least I was! I loved everything, especially the group of guys that preformed very well and sung a couple songs in that concert. Every song they sung was just great and the whole group had a lot of energy which made the show very entertaining. One of my favorite songs that I heard at that concert was the “ A Felicidade”. That song was full of energy and the guys got the crowd dancing and clapping to the rhythm. Larry Vincent was the guy that played the guitar in the group and he was very talented and very energetic as he sung as well and he got the crowd hyped and he kept them entertained. Also, one thing that I noticed about that group is that they are not a band so they just practiced together for this event. But they did an amazing job and they looked like a band. Also, there are many songs that I liked. One of those songs is the “Sabre Dance” it was a very interesting piece and a very entertaining as there were both of the ladies playing the piano together on the same piano at the same time. The timing was amazing and it just sounded