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The novel “GIRL IN HYACINTH BLUE,” one I have recently read is composed of several short stories that are ultimately combined to make one story. It is about a painting that travels from generation to generation and how the painting has different effects on each individual owner. A film called “THE RED VIOLIN” has also been a story that I have experienced recently in my English class. The film tells about a violin that also gets passed down through time and has different effects and meaning for the people that own it for that period of time. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the novel and film. Although these two stories have similarities and differences, the “RED VIOLIN” seems to stand out to me more than the novel. When combining some of the short stories I concluded that one lesson pointed out can be that something can cause both joy and pain or both for different people. In the first chapter of the novel a man by the name of Cornelius is the last owner of the painting. His feelings towards the painting are torn between love and bitter. He loves the painting because it is very beautiful and its artist is very famous for his work; Therefore, making the painting extremely rare. The feeling of hate that comes over him when he thinks about the painting comes from the history that comes with the piece of art. When his father died he left the painting for him. His father had acquired the piece while he served in the military. The manner in which his father had acquired the piece was really the reason for which he felt hate. His father was a part of some cruel methods that the military used. He had stolen the painting from someone. In addition the painting meant love to Saskia and bitterness for her husband Stijn. Saskia loved the painting because it was beautiful and also she thought it was a sign from God when the baby appeared in front of their house on a boat. She said the girl in the painting was the baby’s mother. Stijn didn’t mind the painting and the baby at first but when they started to struggle financially, he wanted her to sell it. One day he went out to their barn to look at their potato stock and noticed Saskia had taken some to cook. He became angry and wanted her to sell the painting immediately. She went into town soon after and sold it.
Niccolo Bussotti in the movie has a love and bitterness relationship as well. When he first starts out making the violin he is making it with love and affection. The instrument is going to be for his unborn son. There was an expected thing that occurred during the birth. His wife and son had died. This is when his love turned into bitterness. At the time of this event the violin wasn’t finished, he had yet to stain the wood. He carries his wife to his workshop and uses her blood to mix into the varnish. He also makes a brush out of her hair to stain with. Because the hurt