Music and Jeff Coffin Essay

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The jazz concert I attended was Jeff Coffin and the Mu’tet with the Mississippians Jazz Ensemble. I have been to some band concerts while in high school, but I have never been to a jazz concert. This particular concert was really different to me, but a good different. My first impression before even hearing the first performances by the Mississippians Jazz Ensemble was if I was really going to enjoy it or fall asleep of boredom. However, once I began to hear the ensemble play I was amazed by what I heard. Now I know that one should never judge a book by its cover.
First, the Mississippians Jazz Ensemble performed. Since I had never really listened to jazz before, I did not know what to expect upon sitting down and waiting for them to begin playing. The first thing I noticed while they were playing was the enthusiasm of the first soloist who was a saxophonist. He looked like he was really into what he was playing. I also noticed that when Jeff Coffin came in the whole ensemble looked at him with amazement during his different solos. He did a solo in one particular song called “Wobble”. It started off with only the drums and the bass guitar being played, and then he came in on the saxophone. That song was a combination of homophonic and polyphonic textures. While I was listening, I began to get a little confused on who was playing. I also got lost on what song was being played, because it felt like they merged together. The instruments that I recognized were the trombones, saxophones, piano, trumpets, drums, and bass guitars. When I got into the music, I noticed that there was a steady beat, because I tapped my feet along to the music. There were only a few times that it changed. I noticed that the musicians each had a solo in different parts of the music they played. I thought that the piano was barely audible when the musicians were playing together in harmony. I could really only hear it when the pianist was playing a solo. Also, after each soloist performed the audience clapped. It really helped me figure out who was playing and what was going on. During a break, I noticed that the drum player and the pianists swapped instruments. I really had not noticed the drummer until then. I would describe the music texture as mostly homophonic because of the soloists and the rest of the band still playing in the background. Second, Jeff Coffin and the Mu’tet performed. There were only four people in the group but I counted at least six instruments that were played. I would consider Jeff Coffin multitalented because he played a saxophone, a flute, and