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The album "We Will Not Be Shaken" is something new and refreshing in the worship and gospel genre, where too often Christians song begin to all sound the same. This album presents 11 new songs led by Bethel Music's artists. They have continued to keep the mission in composing songs that can connect people in the spirit while at the same time adding a very new, and beautiful flavor to the songs.

We will not be shaken - this song starts with solo piano playing the opening melodic idea. then guitar (which is part of the string family) enters and the performer starts and after the chants are in the background and more instrument enters. The chord progression throughout the song is the same.

Ever be - This song is a Major Song, the artist tries to give a happy feeling to the listener. It starts with percussion instrument and chants, giving a sense of stillness. Then, a solo of the main singer enters with piano and after the first verse the guitar appears and a harmony is created. The song form is a a b a - and the chorus is repeated the most in this song.

Jesus We Love You -The beat of this song is not as strong as the other two, however, the harmony of the voices are very clear in this song.

No Longer Slaves - This is a minor song. Unlike the other song, the artist enters from he beginning of the song. The tempo of this song is a slow four-bar phrase. This song is played in a duple meter. The female singer starts to change into a higher pitch. The duration of the pitch at the final

You Don't Miss a Thing - The texture of this song is thick and full because it has spontaneous part in the song. The performer is an alto.

Seas of Crimson - The dynamic of this song starts softly, but when it goes the third time to the chorus it becomes more intense and that part we can differentiate it with the loudness. This song is a triple meter song.

Home - The melody of this