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Concert Makeup Assignment

This form should not be used without prior approval from the director or in the case of extreme illness or emergency. Missing a concert is like missing a project grade in a core class. However, since concerts are unique, one time events this assignment has been developed with the help of the administrative team to replace that grade. The makeup work is due at school no more than two Mondays after the concert missed. Work completed after that time will not receive full credit! Remember that concert grades are test grades. Your quality of work should reflect that.

Assignment: Attend a musical event in which you are not participating. Live concerts are best but if you have to use a video recording please try to see something that you have not viewed before. Your event should be at least one hour in length. If no event is available you may watch a musical, opera, or classical performance of similar length- use this as a chance to see something you have not seen before. The following may not be used to complete make-up work… Video recordings of… GREASE, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, WEST SIDE STORY, CHICAGO, NEWSIES, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA or HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

Write a three-page, double-spaced paper reviewing the performance. (Standard paper etiquette please, margins no larger than 1”, font size no larger than 12 pt., no headings are required since you will attach it to this form.) (If you are in two choirs your paper should be at least 4.5